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Vaccination advice  |   https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/vaccinerenhttps://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/vaccination-advice/

The health of your dog, cat or rabbit is of the utmost importance to you. A safe home, enough exercise, a healthy and appropriate diet and a lot of love are important ingredients for a happy and healthy life for your pet. But how can you protect your dog, cat or rabbit from an infectious and sometimes deadly disease? The answer is simple: have your pet vaccinated against these diseases!

'Health check'

When we vaccinate a pet it is important that he or she is completely healthy. This is why we always do a complete health check at every vaccination appointment. Our vet will check the teeth, the eyes, the ears, the breathing, the heart, the lymphe nodes, the musco-skeletal system and the body condition score. We will discuss any abnormalities we find with you and will make a note in the patient file. Any questions you have regarding you pet's health and wellbeing can be discussed at this time as well.

After the thorough health check we will discuss which vaccinations should be given to your pet. Sometimes we deviate from the standard schedule, depending on the health status of your pet and whether your pet will go abroad with you. This way we can prevent the overuse of vaccinations, while still ensuring the best protection for your beloved pet!

Tip: give your dog or cat their worming treatment a week before the vaccination, this way the vaccination will be more effective!

'When should my dog be vaccinated?'
'When should my cat be vaccinated?'
'When should my rabbit be vaccinated?'

If you are unsure about the vaccination status of your pet, please call our clinic on +31 (0)35 6280162 or make an appointment online. Please always take your pet's passport to this appointment.