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Dier en Zorg Plan  | https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/dierenzorgplan/https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/preventative-healthcare/

A healthy and happy life for your pet

Prevention is better than cure. The Dier en Zorg Plan focuses on your pet’s health. By offering preventative healthcare to your dog or cat, you can prevent them from becoming ill. You’ll keep parasites out and protect your pet against infectious animal diseases - which lowers the health care costs in the long run.

The Dier en Zorg Plan is an annual subscription at Evi Dierenartsen. By paying a monthly fee you will save on your annual fixed veterinary costs. For example, vaccines and health checks are covered by the Dier en Zorg Plan, as well as anti-parasitic medication.

Your savings can run from 180 up to € 470 per year.
The Dier en Zorg Plan makes it easier for you to monitor your pet’s health. Additionally, you will save money.

The Dier en Zorg Plan covers:











Annual vaccination with health check • Health check by the vet every 6 months • Anti-parasitic medication • Appointments with our vet nurses, e.g. for nail clipping, anal glands, nutritional- and dental checks • 10% discount on nutrition (excluding snacks and food supplements)

How does the Dier en Zorg Plan work?

The Dier en Zorg Plan is paid on a monthly schedule by means of direct debit. During your subscription you can collect the products from the Dier en Zorg Plan at no additional cost. As you know, we attach great importance to disease prevention, which is why the Dier en Zorg Plan also includes regular health checks. Medical problems can be recognized an early stage or may even be prevented. This extends the life of your pet! The Dier en Zorg Plan is a preventive health plan, which means it is not an insurance! If you wish, you can take out insurance for unforeseen costs in addition to the Dier en Zorg Plan. We will be happy to inform you further.

Registration is easy

You can register at one of our Evi Dierenartsen or directly online.