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Animalphysiotherapy | https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/dierfysiotherapie/https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/petphysiotherapy/

We provide animal physiotherapy at Evi dierenartsen Hilversum.
Physiotherapy consists of massagetherapy, excersice therapy and modalities. After a thorough examination a treatmentplan will be made together with the owner. Homework is often part of it. You can also consult the physiotherapist to get tips for every day life with your old or ailing animal.

If you think your animal needs physiotherapy, you need a referral from your veterinarian.

To see whether your pet needs physiotherapy, you’ll find a list of symptoms below.

•    Osteoarthrosis and complaints of old age
•    Spinal problems (such as: spondylosis, herniated discs, lumbrosacral instability)
•    Paralysis
•    Problems with muscles, tendons or ligaments
•    Joint disorders
•    Rehabilitation after surgery or fractures
•    Wounds or scars
•    Diminished results in sport

Possible signs for discomfort are:

If your dog
•    Does not want to get groomed (on certain places)
•    Has more difficulties jumping in and out of the car or on the couch
•    Has difficulties walking the stairs
•    Avoids contact with other animals
•    Gets grumpy
•    Rises stiffly after some rest
•    Walks very slowly
•    Stretches more

If your cat
•    Does not like to be petted any more
•    Has more difficulties jumping on or of the couch
•    Gets grumpy
•    Rises stiffly after some rest
•    Is unable to wash itself
•    Stops stretching