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Hydrotherapy  |   https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/vaccinerenhttps://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/hydrotherapy/

In our practice we offer hydrotherapy as part of the physiotherapeutic treatment plan.
The underwater treadmill we use, is accessible for all dogs and cats, no matter what their size is. We adjust the waterlevel, the temperature, the speed and the slope of the treadmill to the goal of the treatment.
If your pet comes for the first time, it needs a health certificate from it’s vet. But hydrotherapy also requires some precautions regarding hygiene and general safety. Here is a list of things you have to take care of before you come:
•    Bring a recent health certificate; hart and lungs need to be able to stand the excercise
•    No food 2 hours prior to the excercise
•    Brush the coat one day before coming
•    Give your dog the possibility to relieve itself shortly before the excercise
•    Bring a towel. Using our towels will cost you € 2,00 per towel
•    No hydrotherapy during heat
•    No hydrotherapy with open wounds or stitches

Hydrotherapy can be useful in case of:
•    Osteoarthrosis
•    Rehabilitation after joint surgery
•    Spinal problems (such as: spondylosis, herniated discs, lumbrosacral instability)
•    Problems with muscles, tendons or ligaments
•    Paralysis
•    Hip dysplasia
•    Patellar luxation
•    Diminished muscle strenght
•    Diminished endurance
•    Diminished results in sport
•    Obesity