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Dental cleaning  |   https://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/vaccinerenhttps://evidierenartsen.nl/wat-wij-doen/dentalcleaning/

Neglected dental problems can have huge consequences on the health of your pet. This is why a regular check of your dog or cats teeth is of the utmost importance. During the yearly vaccination and health check our vet will check the state of your pets teeth. If you have any concerns before the yearly check is due, you are welcome to schedule an extra appointment for this. Click here to book an appointment online.

Did you know that...?
-80% of dogs and 70% of cats start having dental problems from the age of 2?
-dental problems in dogs and cats can lead to heart, liver and kidney problems?
-dental problems in rabbits can cause wounds in the mouth and abscesses in the jaw?

The 5 steps to healthy teeth for your dog or cat
1. A (free) six-monthly dental check by your vet. Book an appointment for this by phoning us on 035 – 6280162, Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.00. If necessary an appointment for a dental procedure can be booked in for a later date.
2. A tailored dental diet. Specifically designed diets for dental care can reduce plaque, tartar and gingivitis.
3. Brushing teeth. The most thorough way of keeping your dog or cat's teeth clean is by brushing their teeth. There are specifically designed toothbrushes on the market for dogs and cats. You can use a toothpaste with poultry flavour, this toothpaste contains enzymes to stop the growth of bacteria in your pets mouth. You can find tips and tricks on brushing teeth in a dog or cat here: 'Brushing teeth of a dog / brushing teeth of a cat'.
4. Chewies for the dog. There are chews available that reduce the growth of bacteria by mechanical cleaning as well as by the use of specific enzymes.
5. Vet aquadent in drinking water for dogs and cats. This liquid contains a disinfectant, reduces the formation of plaque and tartar and leaves you pet with a pleasant smelling breath.

Do you have any questions regarding your pet's dental health after reading this? Please don't hesitate to contact us!